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Recommendation: Ever After

January 1, 2010

Every Thursday I post a movie Recomendation. Yesterday, being New Year’s Eve, I was running around like crazy helping my mother-in-law get ready, and forgot. So it’s a day late. Sorry!


Title: Ever After

Summary: Cinderella as it might have actually happened, in France, in the early 16th century. Drew Barrymore plays Danielle, a young woman who’s father, while not a noble, was a learned man, and taught her to read and gave her a love of books. He dies when she is only ten, leaving her with his new wife, now widow, and her two daughters. Danielle is headstrong and intelligent, and catches the eye of the young Prince Henry (played by Dougray Scott), who believes her to be a noble because she played the part to buy a servant back from the King.

Genre: historical (sort of), chick flick, culture, philosophical, romantic comedy, sappy but awesome, uplifting, women’s rights

Audience: Most women I know would enjoy this movie. Most men I know would either dislike it or merely suffer through it.

Occasion: A great movie to watch with your favorite group of female friends and a nice bottle of wine. Good to watch on an evening by yourself when you want something to give you a little bit of an emotional roller coaster, but with a happy ending.

Watch every minute? I think so, but it’s one of those great movies where there are many layers, so upon re-watching, even if you watched every minute, you will see things you missed the first time.

Big Screen vs. Small Screen: Either.

Why I liked it: I love this movie for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost for the strong, intelligent, willful “Cinderella” that Drew Barrymore plays. In a time of inequality, not just between the classes, but also between men and women, she runs her father’s farm in the guise of being the “servant” to her step-mother, she fences, reads books, and thinks about class and status and other political and philosophical things. She is an ideal model for women of all ages, and her character provides a refreshing take on the Cinderella story.

In one scene, where Danielle and Prince Henry are walking back to the palace after the Prince’s coach loses a wheel, they are set upon by gypsies. The gypsies want to hold the Prince for ransom, but are willing to let Danielle go, with “anything that she can carry.” She gives the gypsy leader a haughty look, walks over, and picks the Prince up and slings him over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and starts to walk off. Now that’s feminine strength for you.

“Own it” vs. “Once is enough”: I love this movie and own it, so that when I’m feeling despondent, I watch it and it almost always cheers me up.

If you liked… You’ll also enjoy…: Enchanted (Read my recommendation), The Princess Bride, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, (I will not put Disney’s Cinderella on here because I’m not a fan.)

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  1. Kelly permalink
    January 5, 2010 1:52 am

    Just watched that movie with my roommate and we were all, “holy crap it came out in 1998?!” But then on New Years Eve we watched Jurassic Park and … 1993?!?!?! How are we this old?

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