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A Brief Explanation of Terms

For these recommendations, I am going to include the following sections:

Title: The title of the movie is a link to the page, where you can learn all about the movie if you’ve never heard of it, or refresh your memory if the title rings a bell.  

Summary: A brief blurb to let you know what you’re getting into. 
Genre: The genres I list may not follow conventional genre wisdom, for the simple reason that conventional genres don’t always explain adequately where a movie falls. Sure, Wall-E is an animated movie, which most people would put firmly into the Children’s genre, or the Family genre, but that only tells you so much. I would label Wall-E as comedy, satire, romance, and action. Yes, romance, in an animated movie about robots. That’s why I love Pixar. But anyway.
Audience: Have you ever tried to sit down to watch a movie with someone and then remembered, half-way through the violent, bloody death scene, that they don’t like violence or onscreen blood? This section is for that. It could, I suppose, be called “Warnings”, but sometimes the audience recommendation will be, “For anyone with a good sense of humor,” or “Probably not for younger children, they won’t have the patience for it.”
Occasion: To tell you if this movie would be great if you need a laugh, want some inspiration, just need to escape for a bit, want some explosions, or need to feel thoughtful and maybe sad.  
Watch every minute? Do you know anyone who gets up in the middle of a movie to go do X thing that he/she forgot to do? Or wanders off to get a glass of water during the most important part? And then they come back and have missed it and want you to explain what they missed and it just throws everyone out of the movie viewing experience? This section is for them. To let them know whether or not they can give into the urge to get that glass of water just as the main character is about to turn that corner. Or whatever. Some movies you just have to sit through. The pay-off is just so much better if you do.
Big Screen vs. Small Screen: I will admit, I’m a purist. If I can see a movie on the big screen, I do, because that’s my preferred medium. That being said, I think that there are some movies that really should be seen on the big screen vs. the small screen and some where it truly doesn’t matter. Typically, just as an example, action movies are really better on the big screen. Something is lost in translation between big and small.
Why I liked it: This is where I will explain why I like this movie, and why I think you might like it too.

“Own it” vs. “Once is enough”: In this section, I will explain whether or not I own this movie (or want to own it but lack the funds) or not. I only buy movies that I want to re-watch, or share with others, because otherwise what’s the point?

If you liked…: These other movies, you’ll probably like the one I’m talking about here. And if you liked the one I’m talking about, I also recommend these movies, because they have characteristics in common.
If there are other sections you would like me to add, please comment. I’ll certainly take it under consideration, and I’m always open to suggestion.
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